First, let's download mBlock v3.4 and Arduino IDE applications.

Adding mBlock extensions

You can download the required extension by navigating to the Manage Extensions (or CTRL + Shift + T) section from the Extensions tab.

Uploading the mBlock code to Catduino

Switch to “Arduino mode” in “Edit” tab. Then connect Catduino to the computer using USB cable. In order to find out which port is in use, we should open Windows’ Device Manager. Under “Ports (COM & LPT)” tab, you can see which port does your Catboard use. In our case, it’s COM6.

From now on we can upload our code to Catduino after establishing connection from “Connect-Serial Port” tab. In order to upload the code, you should click “Upload to Arduino” button which is highlighted below.

Finally, in order to see the incoming data from Catduino, we should switch the encode modes to  “chat mode”.

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